Standards & Awards

Eco Certificate

Issued and tested by eco INSTITUT GmbH, this test evaluates rubber content in relation to synthetic rubber and filler and harmful substances.

LGA Certificate

Issued and tested by Tuv Rheiland LGA Products GmbH, this test evaluates the durability, resilience characteristics and physical properties of natural latex foam in relation with hardness properties to ensure the durability of the mattress.

Thailand Trust Mark

A symbol of excellence and trusted quality that was established by Department of Trade Promotion to add distinctive value to Thai products and services that are made in Thailand.


This standard issued by Thailand Industrial Standard Institute set the criteria on production process, product test and product safety. Consumers can trust that the products with TIS mark are safe. and 100% natural latex without synthetic rubber (SBR)

ISPA (International Sleep Products Association, U.S.A.)

ISPA was found to help sleep products manufacturers and suppliers around the world reach their full potential

ISO 9001:2015

Latex Systems Public Company Limited. Has implemented international quality. Presently , we has been award ISO9001 : 2015

Thailand Top SME Award 2018

An award is given to small and medium enterprises who achieve best performance (agricultural process).

Green Industry

The company is proudly certified Green Industry Level 2 (Green Activities). Take action to reduce the impact on the environment with a determined commitment to promote continuous improvement including social and environmental responsibility both inside and outside the organization throughout the supply chain.


Latex Systems Public Company Limited received the product quality certification mark with S (TIS.S) industrial standard. The cover has been exquisite, strong and durable, the rubber sheet inside must remain in shape, not torn or deformed.

Made in Thailand Certificate

A quality certification book issued by the Federation of Thai Industries certifies that the product is genuinely produced in Thailand in all aspects.

Halal Certificate

A certificate stating that the company conducts its operations in accordance with Islamic principles.

GOLS Certificate

GOLS is a comprehensive certification system that ensures the organic origin and sustainable production of latex products. It establishes strict criteria for organic content, bans harmful chemicals, and regulates the entire supply chain from rubber plantations to the end product.